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Bike Hire 

Adult Hire Bike

$35.00 per day - Includes a helmet and a puncture repair kit

Tandem Bike
$70.00 per day

Pannier Hire
$5.00 per day with hire bike
$10.00 per day without bike hire





Our adult hire bikes are all custom designed specifically for the Otago Central Rail Trail's conditions.  We believe that we have designed and developed the best hire bike for the Rail Trail's unique conditions.  We have designed our bikes with comfort in mind!  We have therefore developed a uni-sex step thru bike with a comfortable up-right riding position.  When you collect your hire bike you will be professionally fitted to your bike for optimum comfort.  Features include;

  • Suspension forks and seat post – for your riding comfort and safety
  • Gel Seat –  offer maximum comfort for both male and female riders.
  • Raised handle bars – provide a comfortable up-right riding position to avoid lower back and neck strain.
  • Large Pedals – offer a secure riding platform and stop sore foot arches.
  • Front and rear disc brakes – for improved control and safety.
  • High quality components  – ensure reliability.
  • High quality duro tyres  –  for strength and traction on the Trail.

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 Kids Bike 20"

Children (12 and Under)

Bike Hire - 16", 20" and 24" kids bikes

$20.00 per day

Kids Seats (up to 25kg)
$15.00 per day

Kids Trailer – Phillips
$30.00 per day

Luggage Trailer
$20.00 per day

Our fleet of children's bikes have all been made as safe as possible for your child's safety on the Rail Trail.  We have adjusted the brakes correctly for child sized hands so they can easily use the brakes.  We have three children and understand the importance of comfort and safety.  We have a range of child sized helmets which we will fit correctly to your child's head.


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