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Otago Central Rail Trail

Luggage Transfer Service


Daily Luggage Transfers

Carrying all the weight so you don't have to!  Making is Easy!

We all know that the more weight you put on your bike the harder it makes the cycling.  So why not make it easy!  Our shuttle will pick your bags up and transport them to your next destination.               

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Daily Luggage Transfers:  $12.50 per bag per transfer

WEIGHT LIMIT:  15kg per bag

Bags need to be ready for collection by 9.00am and will be dropped off by 4.00pm

Straight Through Luggage Transfers

Do you have luggage you do not require on Rail Trail?

We offer a straight through bag service where bags are transported from one end of the Rail Trail to the other and stored until you arrive

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Straight Through Luggage Transfers:  $20.00 per bag

Bags will be securely stored at our depot until you arrive

WEIGHT LIMIT:  25kg per bag